Ragini Siruguri is a visual communication designer from south India. Her practice lies at the intersection of graphic design, photography, books and writing. She is currently studying an MA at the University of Reading, UK.

Origins of Art
Designing relationships between text, photographs and art in different ways to create a rich, multilayered dialogue
Tara Books–book design and conceptualisation–narrative image making
A Potter's Tale
Capturing the animated persona of a master craftsman for a book about his life and art
Tara Books–photography–book design and conceptualisation
Urban Coincidence
A collection of photographs by two designer-photographers exploring visual similarities in their styles of capturing colour, composition and culture
Wuthipol Ujathammarat—photography—collaboration—zine
Finding Bollywood
Information design for a PhD dissertation
book design and conceptualisation—information design
Classroom with a View
Designing an engaging reading experience for a text-heavy book under economical constraints
Tara Books–information design driven by tight constraints
With a cover reflecting the patterns of the iconic Charminar, this photo book on Hyderabad unfolds in an easy-going and unhurried manner, much like the city itself
BluePencil Creative—book design—laser-cut cover
Orugallu to Warangal
A travelogue designed to be handy yet informative, with helpful information for the adventurous tourist
BluePencil Creative—information design—photo book
Frida Folk
Designing information to create a balance between text, image and language translations
Book design and conceptualisation—information design for language translations
Expressive typography meets experiments with a new printing process
Tara Books–word as image–print experiments–language translations
Where has the Tiger gone?
A poignant anecdote by the artist-author of this book inspired a die-cut cover
Tara Books–book design–die-cuts
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