Ragini Siruguri is a visual communication designer from south India. Her practice lies at the intersection of graphic design, photography, books and writing.

Classroom with a View
Designing an engaging reading experience for a text-heavy book under economical constraints
Tara Books–information design driven by tight constraints
With a cover reflecting the patterns of the iconic Charminar, this photo book on Hyderabad unfolds in an easy-going and unhurried manner, much like the city itself
BluePencil Creative—book design—laser-cut cover
Urban Coincidence
A collection of photographs by two designer-photographers exploring visual similarities in their styles of capturing colour, composition and culture
Wuthipol Ujathammarat—photography—collaboration—zine
Where has the Tiger gone?
A poignant anecdote by the artist-author of this book inspired a die-cut cover
Tara Books–book design–die-cuts
Frida Folk
Designing information to create a balance between text, image and language translations
Book design and conceptualisation—information design for language translations
Orugallu to Warangal
A travelogue designed to be handy yet informative, with helpful information for the adventurous tourist
BluePencil Creative—information design—photo book
A Potter's Tale
Capturing the animated persona of a master craftsman for a book about his life and art
Tara Books–photography–book design and conceptualisation
Expressive typography meets experiments with a new printing process
Tara Books–word as image–print experiments–language translations
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